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Jenny Renee Littlejohn:

What is your name?

Jenny Renee Littlejohn

To which institutions were you sent?

all three

How old were you?

14 (almost 15) - 17 (almost 18)

When were you enrolled in The Program?

12/1994 - 08/1997

What was the highest level you attained?


Please describe the circumstances that got you sent to The Program:

parental issues, wasn't dealing with past abuse issues

In which house(s) did you live?

Pitts, Herrick, Starr, Girls cabin in MWA

Please describe instances of abuse you experienced while in the program, if any:

the answer is yes and I would rather leave bygones as bygones

Describe abuse of other students you witnessed, if any:

A female student in Herrick house was sexually abused

Do you have any good memories of The Program? If so, what are they?

Brad and Anna, Rob and Mary, Chad

What is your overall impression of The Program? Did it “help you”?

No, I ran to what was deprived from me. Guy friends... and this led to another road. Sex. : longed to feel accepted. The program made me feel as if I was unworthy, undeserving. so the first guy that found me attractive I ran to. I was angry at my parents for believing the program and all the lies they were fed. I did not know how to function in the real world because, let's face it, the program is nothing like the real world. I was in it my entire teenage years. When I got out I didn't know the music, movies or any thing else that would help me fit into my first and graduating year of high school. So I kept to my self. I was behind academically. I had to double my course load in my senior year to make up for the program being grossly behind. I have read all the letters that the program sent home, the progress reports and are you kidding? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I was so angry! Such blatant lies.

What do you think of the quality of education you received?

poor, way behind the average school system

How old are you today?

27 years

Did you go to college after attending The Program? If so, what degrees do you have?

Yes. I graduate in December with my Associate's in Criminal justice and begin my Bachelor's program in January. I am a straight A student with a 3.99 GPA.

What is your profession?

Criminal Justice

Do you consider yourself a Christian today?

Very much so.

What effect did “The Program” have on your faith?

It made me angry at God. Confused. Alone.

Please feel free to add comments here:

I admit that I received some good out of the program. However, I also left the program confused and deprogramed from the world that I was about to enter. I was unprepared to face the real challenges and problems of the world. In the real world there are boys and in the real world there are choices to be made without seeking the permission of others. In the real world there is secular music and movies. You're not sheltered. I left only knowing the life of being sheltered, being that my entire teenage years were engulfed in the crazy fantasy world of the program. I had to learn the hard way how to survive. And yes, in the process of surviving outside of the program, I made some bad choices. If you want to know the truth, my two little boys were a better lesson in changing my life than the program could ever be. I want my boys to be proud of their mama and hold their heads high. I work hard now to be someone they can be proud of. I am in college about to graduate valedictorian, I work at Riley Children's Hospital and I provide them with all of their needs and a loving christian home. I am not ashamed of any choice that I am currently making. I am proud of who I have become, not because of any program, but because I found two little someones to give me drive and motivation.

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