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1970s Escuela Caribe photos anonymous donation

Anne and Leigh Ann (upside down)

Butcher Shop














DR Ann Mooney

DR Azua Hike to Beach House Cheryl, Lori

DR Azua by the Beach House

DR Bamboo Hole Aquaduct

DR Bamboo Hole Falls 1

DR Bamboo Hole Falls 2

DR Baptism--Herbert van der Lugt

DR Barahona - Charlie n Girls

DR Barahona - Kathy, Cheryl

DR Barahona - Watering Animals

DR Barahona Daily Water

DR Barahona Fisherman

DR Barahona Maybe

DR Barahona Pebble Beach 1

DR Barahona Pebble Beach 2

DR Barbara

DR Beach Vendor

DR Bob n Randy

DR Boca

DR Boca de Yuma - Had to hike to this beach

DR Boca de Yuma - Top of the Cave

DR Boca de Yuma - View from Guest House

DR Boca de Yuma Girl n Pig

DR Boca de Yuma Woman n Goat

DR Boca de Yuma on Top of the Cave

DR Brenda

DR CC0002

DR CC0003

DR CC0004

DR CC0005

DR CC0006

DR CC0007

DR CC0008

DR CC0009

DR CC0010

DR CC0011

DR CC0012

DR CC0014

DR CC0015

DR CC0016

DR CC0017

DR CC0018

DR CC0019

DR CC0021

DR CC0022

DR CC0023

DR CC0024

DR CC0026

DR CC0028

DR CC0029

DR CC0030

DR CC0031

DR CC0032

DR CC0033

DR CC0034

DR CC0035

DR CC0036

DR CC0037

DR CC0038

DR CC0039

DR CC0040

DR CC0041

DR CC0042

DR CC0043

DR CC0046

DR CC0048

DR CC0050

DR CC0052

DR CC0054

DR CC0056

DR CC0058

DR CC0060

DR CC0061

DR CC0062

DR CC0063

DR CC0064

DR CC0065

DR CC0066

DR CC0067

DR CC0068

DR CC0070

DR CC0072

DR CC0074

DR CC0075

DR CC0076

DR CC0077

DR CC0078

DR CC0079

DR CC0080

DR CC0081

DR CC0082

DR CC0084

DR CC0085

DR CC0086

DR CC0087

DR CC0089

DR CC0091

DR CC0092

DR CC0093

DR CC0094

DR CC0097

DR CC0098

DR CC0099

DR CC0100

DR CC0101

DR CC0102

DR CC0104

DR CC0105

DR CC0106

DR CC0107

DR CC0109

DR Card0008

DR Card0010

DR Card0011

DR CeeCee 1

DR CeeCee 2

DR Celeste

DR Celeste Harris Wedding--States

DR Celeste Harris Wedding DR Group

DR Celeste Harris at apt

DR Celeste n Jeff--La Vega Campgrounds

DR Chair Factory 1 Group

DR Chair Factory 2 Owner n Phil

DR Chair Factory 3

DR Chair Factory 4

DR Chair Factory 5

DR Chair Factory 6

DR Chaplain Vern

DR Charlie n Yvonne Curtis

DR Cheryl V

DR Cindy W

DR Cindy n Patty

DR Cotton Field Near La Romana

DR Cruz and Family

DR Darcy n Cruz

DR David H the Driver

DR David Hollingsworth

DR David and Debbie

DR Debbie B--La Vega

DR Debbie B

DR Debbie W

DR Debbie n Patty

DR Dianna C

DR Doris n Dawn

DR Eileen, Dawn, Jenny

DR Eileen n Wendy

DR Elaine S

DR Elaine S 2

DR Embassy Beach--Marilyn n Ann

DR Embassy Beach - Ruth W

DR Embassy Beach Cove

DR Embassy Beach Palms

DR Eye Clinic 2

DR Eye Clinic Dr from CN

DR Free Day Apple Orchard CC n Debbie

DR Free Day Elem School Visit

DR Free Day Elem School Visit Village

DR Free Day Trip

DR Halloween

DR Halloween - David Henckel

DR Halloween Skits

DR Having Fun

DR Heather n Elaine

DR Henckel's House La Vega

DR Higuey Cathedral 1

DR Hurricane David Destruction

DR Jerry, Mary, Lynn, Celeste Bike Trip N Coast

DR Julian's Dad--Constanza

DR Julian n Parents--Constanza

DR La Caleta - Charlie Curtis

DR Las Terrenas - Shelling Almonds

DR Las Terrenas 2

DR Las Terrenas Campesion

DR Mary, Paul, Karen, Ann--Constanza

DR Mary n Lynn 2

DR Montana Breakfast

DR Montana House

DR Montana House 10

DR Montana House 4

DR Montana Staff

DR Montecristi Boardwalk

DR Montecristi Island Trip - Laura P

DR Mountain View

DR Myra, Wendy, Robyn, Brent

DR Nagua - Dee Body Serving

DR Pedregal Spring Retreat 2

DR Pizza Night - Debbie, Celeste, Susie

DR Puerto Plata 2-- Statue of Neptune

DR Puerto Plata Performers

DR Puerto Plata Vendors

DR Retreat 79 Boys House 2

DR Retreat 79 Montana House

DR Rio Alcapulco Falls by La Vega - Eileen E

DR Rio Alcapulco Pathway

DR Romulo's Store

DR SD Fort, City Background

DR SD Nicolas de Ovando 2

DR SD Shoeshine - Mary n Mom

DR Santiago Monument to Heroes

DR Sarge the Muy Guapo Dog

DR Sosua - View From Mrs. Carter's 2

DR Sosua Beach 3

DR Sosua Beach 5

DR Tobacco Field

DR Tobacco Fields and Drying Huts

DR Twin Falls on the Rock

David Henkle

David and Debbie

Day at the Falls (Hydro)

Day at the River

Debbie Baxter - LaVega

I Want to be There

Kelly Green

Leigh Ann Petty

Montana Group

Montana Staff

Montecristi Trip 1

Montecristi Trip 2

Montecristi Trip 3

Peanut Delivery

Pedregal 2

Pedregal House

Pedregal Kitchen


Romulo's Store


Royal Palm Tree

Street in Jarabacoa

Sugar Cane Workers

Typical Sight on the Road

Young Entrepreneur












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