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1989 New Horizons and MWA photos by Michael Shackleford



































MWA - Admin Building under construction

MWA - Bob, Tony

MWA - Bud's kid, Jeremy Blumenshine

MWA - Christine, JoAnn, Sarah

MWA - Cooks - Lois Quick, Janice Ebersole, Kerwin Hamilton, Jennifer Baker, Christine Teare, Sharon Teare, Deana Hamilton, Diane, Lora Burton

MWA - Dan, Lee, Dave, & Rusty

MWA - Dan Strawton, Rob Thompson, Will Armstrong, Eric Hanson, Jack Albert, Jamie Griffin, & Frank Hicks

MWA - Daphna, Nancy, Theresa, Melissa, Paige, Julie, Sharon

MWA - Daphna

MWA - Daryl, Aaron, Brett, Will

MWA - Dave, Heiko, Gary, Jose, Aaron, Sean, Jeff

MWA - Dave Lynch, Jason Price, Mark Santi, Rusty Sasnick, Andy Palsgrove, Dan Stanton, Everett Dusnap, Lee Short

MWA - Eric, Will, Brett, Jack, Jamie, Dan

MWA - Girls team at MWA

MWA - Heiko Gerdes

MWA - Jenny, Paige, Waneka, Nichole, Mandy, Katrina, Melissa, Sarah, Joann, Jessica, Theresa

MWA - Jeremy Blumenshine, Daphna Meyersdorf, Ryan Horn, Jenny Isaacs, Melissa Blumenshine, Bud's kid, Dave Kokensparger

MWA - Jessica, Nichole, Bud, Lois, Mark, Lee, Jason

MWA - JoAnn, Melissa, Paige, Mandy, Sarah, Nichole, Katrina, Waneka, Jenny, Theresa

MWA - Joe, Mark

MWA - John Mayberry

MWA - Jon Yops & Ryan Horn

MWA - Julie, Theresa, Nichole, Paige

MWA - Julie (G), Dave Maclennan (2), Wayman Howard (4), Larry Ebersole (G), Keith Barker (1), Michael Shackleford (R), Eric Gray (3), Joe Shehan (R), Sharon Gerig (G), Cindy Hundley (G)

MWA - Keith Barker, Paul Singer

MWA - Keith Patterson

MWA - Lee, Andy, Everitt

MWA - Lee, Jason

MWA - Loons

MWA - Mark Sloan, Christian Dirich

MWA - Melissa Blumenshine

MWA - Melissa and Paige. Paige was the only other Californian besides me at the MWA that year

MWA - Nancy, Jenny

MWA - Nichole Gilbert, Katrina Rubaine, Theresa Landy, Jessica Cordell, Christine Teare, Joann Mauler, Sarah Myers, Paige Olen, Sharron, Jenny Isaacs, Jennifer Baker, Daphna Myersdorf, Joe Sheen

MWA - Nichole Gilbert

MWA - Pam, Sheila, Jennifer Baker, Lee

MWA - Pam, Sheila

MWA - Reece, Ryan, Tyrone, John

MWA - Rob

MWA - Rusty, Everett, Dave, Lee, Andy, Dan, Mark, Jason, John, Kerwin

MWA - Rusty Sasnick, Pam Bordon

MWA - Ryan Horn

MWA - Sarah, Melissa

MWA - Sheila driving a boat at MWA. She was one of the highest ranking students and among the few with motor boat privileges, which was mainly shuttling staff to the nearby town of Missanabie

MWA - That's me at the log pile at MWA. This is where you went if you needed a piece of wood. You can see the sawing bench in the background. This was one of those times they had too many people to help out there so it was a rare chance to relax

MWA - Theresa, Paige, Mandy, Reece Laurence, Karen

Marion - Crossing the border into Canada on our way to the MWA

Marion - From left to right, Doug and Wolf

Marion - From left to right this is Jason, Weyman (staff), Mark, Andy, another Mark, and Jon. This is a lost cow that stumbled upon Lare house

Marion - From left to right this is Rob and Will with a turtle they came across

Marion - Good old Lare house

Marion - Jack in a tree

Marion - Jack on a rare occasion to play pool

Marion - Jason, Wayman, and Jack preparing for an immaculate inspection

Marion - Lare house kids on a giant tire

Marion - Lare house kids who were doing some project involving digging. That is my car in the background

Marion - Lare house on a day trip to Chicago

Marion - Larry, Lare house father, up to bat

Marion - Mia up to bat in a softball game

Marion - Paul, Jack, and Tyrone with that cow from picture 5

Marion - Some Lare house kids on a tire swing

Marion - That is James standing up. On Larry's day off James would fill in as house father

Marion - The Lare house boys

Marion - The main school building

Marion - This is Paul. I was a southern California boy and had never seen hail this big before

Marion - This is Sharon, Mia, Wolf, and Jack. I think that is a snake in Wolf's mouth. Sometimes you had to be creative to find ways to amuse yourself and others

Marion - This is Wolf. I think he is showing that toddler a snake he found

Marion - This is a professional picture of the Lare House family taken shortly before my arrival

Marion - Three girls wrestling, a common way to spend what little free time you had. There never seemed to be any balls to play with so you had to make do with nothing

Marion - View of the Chicago skyline. This was my first time seeing the windy city


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