Archival Documents

The Alumni Association is actively collecting historical and archival documents related to New Horizons. We are using these materals to research the history of NHYM so that we can document the history of our community. In the mean time, please enjoy a curated selection of documents that have already been contributed by members our community, and check back here regularly for more documents as we add them over time!

Help us collect as much materials as we can! Let us know if you have any relevant materials that you'd like to share, and we will arrange to digitize them or have them digitized at our expense.

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[   ]1980s_(late)_Escuela_Caribe_Pamphlet.pdf
[   ]1980s_(late)_NHYM_Employment_Application.pdf
[   ]1986_Escuela_Caribe_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]1988-1989_New_Horizons_Academy_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]1988_Escuela_Caribe_School_Enrollment_Agreement.pdf
[   ]1988_Escuela_Caribe_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]1989-1990_New_Horizons_Academy_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]1990_Escuela_Caribe_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]1991_Escuela_Caribe_Student_Handbook.pdf
[   ]1999_Escuela_Caribe_Student_Manual.pdf
[   ]2000s_(early)_NHYM_Employment_Application.pdf
[   ]2002_NHYM_Annual_Report.pdf
[   ]2002_NHYM_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]2004-2005_NHYM_Annual_Campaign.pdf
[   ]2004_New_Horizons_Newsletter.pdf
[   ]2004_NHYM_Annual_Report.pdf
[   ]2004_NHYM_Yearbook.pdf
[   ]2005_NHYM_Annual_Report.pdf
[   ]2006_CVS_Information_Packet_Spring.pdf
[   ]2006_MVA_Information_Packet_Spring.pdf
[   ]2006_MWA_Information_Packet_Spring.pdf
[   ]2006_NHA_Information_Packet_Spring.pdf
[   ]2006_NHYM_Annual_Campaign.pdf
[   ]2006_NHYM_Application_Packet_Spring.pdf
[   ]2006_NHYM_Enrollment_Packet_Spring.pdf
[   ]2006_NHYM_Fundraising_Letter.pdf
[   ]2010_Indiana_DCS_Notice_of_Hearing_Decision.pdf